Alexander Porokhovshchikov celebrates the 70th anniversary

titlePeople's artist of Russia, famous actor of theatre and cinema Alexander Porokhovshchikov Saturday celebrates its 70th anniversary. On the eve of the anniversary, the actor shared his plans, including the creation of new theatre and exclusive festival.Porokhovshikova know and love, it is approached on the street and thank him for his talent, for unusually true to life in the images of his characters. "More than just the profession I love spectator, especially cherish live communication with the audience," said RIA "Novosti" Porokhovshchikov. And so to the fore, of course, not put the cinema and the theatre, giving the opportunity to see the eyes of the audience and feel the breathing of the audience".A graduate of the higher theatrical school of a name of Schukin, Porokhovshchikov worked at the Satire Theatre on Taganka, where after the death of Vladimir Vysotsky's gone and since 1981 is in the drama theatre named after Pushkin. The question of how the artist estimates he made over the decades, he said he believes his "life in art" is successful. "Anyway, I'm not ashamed and I do not blush for all that played or put. Читать полностью -->

Sobchak is willing to fight Volochkova

titleThe confrontation of Ksenia Sobchak and Anastasia Volochkova, it seems, look to move from the stage of "cold war" to the stage of manhandling.Beauty contest in Ufa Sobchak said unexpectedly:- Actually, after all I have said here in the end would have to be a fight, but since Volochkova's not here, I fight with someone...The audience, perfectly understood that She alludes to an incident that happened between her and Volochkova on the "Golden gramophone", took offense to the joke, leading the evening with a Bang.Recall, the main ceremony music awards of the country has become a battleground for two warring rivals.For anybody not a secret that socialites can not stand each other, so the ceremony organizers decided to push the glamorous beauties on the stage, so the fight could enjoy all the guests.Kseniya Anatolyevna, as always, came into conflict with the invention. "Barabak" not afraid to look ridiculous, unlike the power stars of the Russian ballet. So She jumped on stage in a ballerina outfit - white corset, tutu and tights.Volochkova froze in disbelief, seeing the shining face of Ksenia."Oh, you're my good, emerald Russian nation! - asked the prima ballerina.However, neither hall nor myself Volochkova in no hurry to react."How's that? - wondered Sobchak. - Isn't it great?"Probably," depicting the calm, gave Volochkova.But after a few moments backstage, barely containing my anger, Anastasia poignantly walked around the exterior of his opponent.If I knew SHE was coming, I would not have come, " said the ballerina. - I felt sorry for her when she rushed around my neck - in bundle, and with bandy legs. The organizers told me that she will take the stage. Читать полностью -->

In France died the son of Gerard Depardieu

titleThe son of Gerard Depardieu, the French actor Guillaume Depardieu has died from pneumonia at age 37. As told the family's lawyer, Jean-Yves Lienard, Sunday Depardieu, Jr. flew in from Romania, where during the filming he was infected with a lung virus.Immediately upon arrival in Paris Guillaume Depardieu was hospitalized, but doctors were powerless.The success and fame Guillaume Depardieu brought Comedy "the Disciples", released in 1995. A year later he received the national film award of France "Cesar" for best debut.Previously Depardieu, Jr. was a very well known, however, in connection with a series of scandals. The son of a legend of French cinema often got into trouble because of problems with drugs and alcohol. Читать полностью -->

Madonna earned more than others

titleEx-husband, British filmmaker guy Ritchie - Madonna was recognized as first among the stars in the sizes of box office receipts from a concert tour.Total of her earnings from live performances in the past year amounted to about 193 million pounds, writes the British media. In December, only three concerts in Latin America, she received 27.5 million.Second place in the rating box office took Celine Dion scored 162 million, and the third, Jon Bon Jovi, "enriched" at the expense of concerts at 121 million pounds. Source: Madonna earned more than others. . . . Читать полностью -->

Valery Garkalin wife died

titleFamous Russian actor Valery Garkalin and his family was left without a loving wife and mother died unexpectedly actor's wife Ekaterina Viktorovna, who worked in the puppet Theatre Obraztsov.The couple had lived almost 30 years in a happy marriage, and Catherine all her life devoted loving husband. "I now no what" - quoted by "the Moscow Komsomol member" the words of the grieving actor in answering phone calls.Catherine Garkalin will be buried on Thursday, 19 February. Farewell will be held the same day in her home theater, where she worked for 30 years.Catherine's death was a real blow for the family, as she rarely complained about the condition and there were no signs of trouble. Catherine Garkalina was only 56 years old, and not so long ago she and her husband celebrated their silver anniversary.Until the last days of his life Ekaterina Viktorovna was head excursion and media work in the Central puppet theatre Obraztsov. His work and numerous dolls Garkalin was madly in love, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda"."This is not a reservation: for all working in the puppet theater doll is not a toy and is not insensitive to the subject, wrote Ekaterina Viktorovna. - It is the result of inspired, diligent and thoughtful work of the artist; she is an actor and equal partner of man in theatrical work. Читать полностью -->

Read to a dying Declaration Alexy II

titleIn all Orthodox churches on this night were solemn worship. Christmas service this night was held even in Antarctica, the polar station.Only in Moscow were attended by over a hundred thousand people. Despite the late hour, people went to Church, carrying candles and congratulated each other."Most people came to the Temple of Christ the Savior that night visited 10 800 people", - said the interlocutor of "Interfax". During the Christmas service, the believers heard two pastoral guidance. One of them, his Holiness Patriarch Alexy II wrote shortly before his death. Another spoke of the Patriarchal Locum Tenens Metropolitan Kirill of Smolensk and Kaliningrad.In his holiday sermon he, including, raised the issue of the financial crisis, and wished them the power of the spirit to overcome these challenges. Читать полностью -->

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